What Credit Card Starts With 6011?

Are you wondering what credit card starts with 6011? All credit cards starting with 6011 belong to the Mastercard network. 

The other numbers on your card provide additional details like the specific issuer, your account number, and a verification number that tells payment processing systems the digits were entered correctly. 

Read this guide to learn more about credit cards that start with 6011.

credit card starts with 6011

Which Credit Card Starts With 6011?

Each card issued with the first four digits, 6011, is part of the Mastercard network. All cards that start with 6 are Mastercards. However, many issuers use the same first four digits. 

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What Do the Digits on Your Credit Card Indicate?

All Discover cards starting with 6011 have 16 digits. You can verify several things using a credit card number, like the digits on a check. The network, issuer, and account number are all on the credit card. The last digit on your card is a verification number used by merchants to verify that the digits were entered correctly. 

Major Industry Identifier (MII)

The first number on all credit cards is the MII, and it indicates the network the card uses. All cards starting with 6 use the Discover network. 

Issuer Identification Number (IIN) / Bank Identification Number (BIN)

The first six numbers on all credit cards are referred to as the issuer identification number (IIN) or bank identification number (BIN).  You can use the first six digits of your credit or debit card to search for the card’s network, issuing bank, and the location where the card was issued. 

Discover issues all its cards through Discover Bank, unlike other card networks. So, no matter what the first six numbers are, if it starts with 6 Discover Bank issued the card. 

Remember, we’ve already covered 4400 and 4147.

CC number 6011

Account Number

Following the BIN is your credit card account number. Depending on the bank, the number can be 8 or 9 numbers. 

Verification Number

The last number on your credit or debit card is a verification number that merchants and processing systems use to verify that your card number was entered correctly. Banks use the number to determine the accuracy by applying the Luhn formula created by Hans Peter Luhn

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Credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards all use the algorithm. If, after applying the algorithm, the numbers on your card equal the last digit, the card information is accurate. If not, you will receive an error message asking you to reenter your card details. 

All payment processing systems use the algorithm, whether you are checking out at Costco or doing online Christmas shopping

Card Verification Value (CVV) 

In addition to the numbers on the front of your card, there is a CVV code on the back of all Discover cards. The CVV code is either three or four digits, and merchants may also refer to the code as a: 

  • Card Security Code (CSC)
  • Card Verification Code (CVC)
  • Card Code
  • Card Identification Number (CIN)
  • Card Identification Digit (CID)
  • Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2)

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Why Do Credit Card Companies Use CVVs? 

The CVV code offers additional protection for consumers when using a credit or debit card. Merchants, credit card companies, search engines, and banks store some of your credit card information. However, CVV codes are not stored. 

So, they are harder for hackers to obtain, which is why banks use them to help protect customers. You may be asked to enter your CVV code or provide it when you are paying for items over the phone or online. 

Other Discover Card Numbers

Discover uses fewer beginning digit combinations than most other credit card companies. So, there are only a few options you may see, including: 

  • 6011
  • 6221
  • 644
  • 65 

These numbers may be followed with different numbers depending on where the card was issued. 

Final Advice on What Credit Card Starts With 6011

Most people do not consider what credit card starts with 6011. However, merchants and payment processing systems use the information to verify the authenticity of your credit card and that the digits were accurately entered. 

All cards beginning with 6011 are part of the Discover network. However, the following numbers identify whether the account is a credit or debit card and the country of origin. 

You can keep your credit card information safe when shopping online by ensuring that you do not enter your info on websites not utilizing SSL certificates. 

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