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Hi, my name is Shaun. I’m a 30-year-old business owner and investor living in a small town in the heartland of America.

I’ve been obsessed with personal finance, income mobility, and the FIRE (“Financial Independence, Retire Early”) movement since I was in high school.

Thankfully, that obsession paid off.

When I was 25, I finally hit my “number” where I could retire with a mid six-figure passive income for life.

But, of course, I didn’t stop working – I just shifted from working to pay the bills to working on projects for fun.

That’s the beauty of the FIRE movement. You don’t have to stop working just because you become financially independent. You can just shift to working on what you want to work on. For me, that’s half the fun.

This website – Learn Financial Strategy – is one of those “fun and profit” projects.

I’m going to be pretty transparent about the financial decisions I make. Some of the decisions will be popular… others will be hated. But hashing out the details and looking at different strategies is an incredibly enjoyable experience.

About Shaun Connell

I've been obsessed with financial strategy since I was in high school. I became a strategic generalist and used those principles to retire as a multi-millionaire - at the age of 26. This website is my passion project to help spread financial education.