What Credit Card Starts With 4147?

Are you wondering what credit card starts with 4147? All cards starting with 4147 are Visa credit cards. 

You can use the numbers to check the validity of a credit card. To learn more, read this guide. It includes detailed information on how banks assign the numbers and what they mean. 

Credit Cards that Start with 4147

All credit cards that start with 4147 are Visa credit cards. The numbers that follow 4147 indicate other details about the card’s origin. For example, Chase Bank issues cards that start with 414720, and Wells Fargo issues cards beginning with 414730. 

credit card starts with 4147

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What Do the Numbers on a Credit Card Indicate?

When you open a debit card or credit card account, the numbers issued to your card are not random. Like check numbers, they provide information about the card and account. They also include a verification digit that payment processing systems use to verify the accuracy of the numbers entered.  

1st Number – MII

The first number on your card is the major industry identifier or MII. It indicates the credit issuer. For example, all Visa cards start with 4. 

Numbers 1 Through 6 – IIN or BIN

The first six numbers on a credit card are the issuer identification number (IIN) or bank identification number (BIN). They tell merchants and credit processing systems which bank issued the card. For example, Chase Bank issues all cards starting with 414720, and cards starting with 414780 belong to U.S. Bank N.A. cardholders.

Remember, we’ve already covered what credit card starts with 4400. You can learn more in that guide.

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Numbers 7 Through 15 – Account Number

Numbers 7 through 15 are the account number for the card. 

The Last Number – Verification Digit

The last digit on your card is a calculation of the numbers that verify the authenticity of the card numbers. It tells the card processing system that the digits were accurately entered.

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The Luhn formula is also known as the Mod 10 or Modification 10 algorithm, and you can also use it to verify debit card, IMEI, and gift card numbers.  

Payment processing systems automatically calculate and verify the credit card digits based on the last digit using the formula. Every time you or a merchant enters the numbers on your card to process a payment, whether, for a cup of coffee or a large purchase, the algorithm is applied. 

If you misentered the digits, the system knows you did so based on the formulation and sends back an error message asking you to check and reenter the numbers. 

Final Thoughts When a Credit Card Starts with 4147

Knowing which cards start with 4147 can help you verify the authenticity of a credit card. However, most people think very little about the numbers on their credit cards. In most cases, you do not have to worry about the credit card numbers because payment processing systems verify the data. 

However, as a merchant, if you were to receive a credit card starting with 4147 with any credit card company and issuer other than Visa and Chase Bank, you would know that the card was counterfeit. 

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