Why Do People Call Walmart ‘Walley World’? Is It A Real Place?

Have you heard people call Walmart ‘Walley World’ and wondered why or if it is an actual place? 

‘Walley World’ is a fictitious place from the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, which was released in 1983. People often refer to Walmart as ‘Walley World,’ but it does not reference a real place or have anything to do with the big-box chain. 

 To learn more about the connection between Walmart and ‘Walley World,’ look at this guide. 

Why do people call Walmart 'Walley World?'

Why Do People Call Walmart ‘Walley World?’

When people say they are going to ‘Walley World,’ they are being playful or funny. The link between Walmart and ‘Walley World’ likely comes from the similarity in the names. However, there is no real connection. 

Walmart shopper

Origin of ‘Walley World’

People often refer to Walmart as ‘Walley World,’ the theme park’s name from the 1983 movie National Lampoon’s Vacation. The amusement park in the film is not a real place and seems to reference Walt Disney World, a popular spot for family vacations. 

Origin of Walmart Name

The founder of Walmart was Sam Walton. The first store he opened had ‘Walmart’ signage. However, when Walton opened his second store, vice president Bob Bogle changed the name and sign on the front of the store to ‘Wal-Mart,’ and the name stuck until 2017 when according to a press release from the company, the board of directors changed the name back to ‘Walmart.’

What is Walmart?

Walmart is a national big box store that sells home goods, gift cards, cleaning products, gardening supplies, toys, clothing, groceries, and many other items. The company employs more than 2.3 million workers throughout the world. There are 4,680 locations in the United States, as well as 2,755 stores in Mexico, 864 in Central America, 29 in India, and between 300 and 400 stores in Africa, China, Chile, and Canada.  

The company uses technology and discount pricing to attract customers. Many people living on a small budget or fixed income without a regular job shop at its stores due to the low prices and convenience of purchasing everything they need in one location. 

Shoppers can also order groceries for delivery from a local Walmart store using their debit card or government benefits account. So, Walmart is an essential part of the United States economy. 

Filming Location of ‘Walley World’ 

If you have ever seen the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, you will remember that the family visits a theme park. The movie was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain

The rides featured in the film are real rollercoasters. However, the names are changed. For example, in the movie, the father, Clark Griswald, refers to one of the rides as the ‘Whipper Snapper.’ The ride shown is actually ‘The Revolution, ’ the first roller coaster in the United States to feature a 360-degree vertical loop. 

Visitors can still ride the coaster featured in the 1983 major motion picture. Today, the ride has been revamped to eliminate the shoulder harnesses and renamed, ‘The New Revolution.’ 

It still thrills riders with the twists, turns, and 360-degree vertical loop built on ‘Magic Mountain.’

Final Thoughts on Why People Call Walmart ‘Walley World’

When people call Walmart ‘Walley World,’ they are being facetious or funny. They are likely just making light of the fact that they have to go grocery shopping which is a chore and obviously not as entertaining or fun as visiting a theme park. 

Since the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie release, ‘Walley World’ has become a nickname commonly used by people for Sam Walton’s Walmart stores. So, many people may use the term ‘Walley World’ without ever having seen the 1983 film. 

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