13 Debt Free Quotes to Inspire You to Get Out of Debt Forever

Quotes can be excellent motivation for many things. There are numerous debt-free quotes to inspire you to get out of debt by billionaire business owners, past presidents, proverbs, and other respected men and women. 

To learn more about these quotes and their meanings, take a look at the 13 debt-free quotes below. 

What are the 13 Best Debt Free Quotes to Inspire You to Get Out of Debt?

There are dozens of beneficial quotes to motivate you to get out and stay out of debt by successful people like Mark Cuban, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Quillen, and others. However, the 13 quotes below are motivational and thought-provoking. 

13 best debt free quotes

When used with practices like the 10/20 rule to get out of debt, these can be just the push you need. 

1. ‘Never spend your money before you earn it.’ – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson had the right idea when he said, ‘never spend money before you earn it.’ Today many people rely on mortgages and financing for large purchases. However, you can save thousands on interest by saving and paying larger down payments. 

2. ‘Pay off your debt first. Freedom from debt is worth more than any amount you can earn.’ – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a successful business investor with a net worth of more than a billion dollars. Being free of debt provides you freedom from unnecessary stress and helps you build long-term wealth. If you can spoil yourself today or pay down debt, it is better to sacrifice today and indulge yourself later

freedom from debt

3. ‘Americanism: Using money you haven’t earned to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.’ Robert Quillen

Robert Quillen’s Americanism quote is a great reminder to reevaluate your motivation before spending money, especially when you do not have any to spare. Many people overspend to impress their family, friends, or others. However, financial stability is far more enviable. 

4.  ‘The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.’Unknown

If you have debt, you know how persistent creditors are when you owe them money. The above quote by an unknown author reminds you of that and motivates you not to incur unnecessary charges because, during times of adversity, friends you overspend on and with are rarely around, but your creditors never go away. 

5. ‘If you wonder if anyone cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.’ – Earl Wilson

Earl Wilson’s humorous quote on debt is another reminder not to get into debt, especially to impress others. When no one else is around, your creditors will still be there. 

6. ‘If you’re thinking about debt, that’s what you are going to attract.’ Bob Proctor

You may have heard that you attract what you think about. When you incur debt, you think about it and attract more debt to yourself. Keeping your debt low helps you have a debt-free mindset and attract wealth. 

thinking about debt

7. ‘No man’s credit is as good as his money.’ – John Dewey

John Dewey had the right idea when he said, ‘no man’s credit is as good as his money.’ If you question that, consider this, it is much easier to negotiate the price of a home when you can submit a cash offer. Furthermore, as a landlord or business owner, you generate profits faster if you pay cash for your property or business start-up expenses.

8. ‘He who is quick to borrow is slow to pay.’ – German Proverb

The German Proverb above is very true because the more you borrow, the less money you have to repay debts and pay for other things you need. It is far better to save for most items than to take out large loans or charge purchases on credit cards. 

slow to pay

Furthermore, it speaks about a person’s spending and repayment habits. If someone quickly asks you for money, they are unlikely to pay you back quickly. So, it is vital to be mindful of your spending and how much you loan to others. 

9. ‘Good times are when people make debts to pay in bad times.’ – Robert Quinlin

When you are doing well, you often take out more debt because you think you will have what you need to pay back your debts. However, that is often not the way it works out. You still have to pay back your debts even if your earnings are less. 

1o. ‘The world would be a better place if married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt.’ – Earl Wilson

Many couples fail over financial issues. The stress of being in debt is too intense for most to endure. That is why Earl Wilson said the world would be better if couples were as much in love as they are in debt. 

11. ‘Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure when really he is selling himself to it.’ – Benjamin Franklin 

Benjamin Franklin coined many quotes, but his quote about a man selling himself later for a bit of pleasure now is true. Many people acquire debt to buy things they could not afford otherwise, but the price is typically steep in the future. 

12. ‘Debt is the slavery of the free.’ Publilius Syrus

Another great quote about selling yourself for a bit of enjoyment is this one by Publilius Syrus. With debt, even free men and women are not free. You are a slave to a job and financial obligations when you have debt. 

slave to debt

13. ‘War in old times were made to get slaves, the modern implement of slavery is debt.’ – Ezra Pound 

Loaning someone money is one of the most powerful ways to enslave them. Once they owe you, they have to do things they normally wouldn’t to pay you back. With the ability to keep people indebted to you, you do not have to enslave them physically, but they are still working for you. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Debt-Free Quotes

The debt-free quotes above are excellent motivation for people looking to free themselves from the burden of owing others. Pick your favorites and write them on a notecard. Then, tape them to your bathroom mirror to inspire you each day to be mindful of your spending. 

Sometimes we need a reminder that our actions today will have consequences in the future. Paying down debt and making purchases directly out of your bank account with a debit card or by writing a check will help you to keep your spending in check.