How Much is a Moped? Is It Worth It?

Many young and financially-conscious people wonder, ‘how much is a moped, and is it worth it?’ A new moped can range in price from $800 to $13,000 depending on the make, model, engine size, and features. 

However, purchasing a used moped in good condition can cost you significantly less. Look at this buyer’s guide to learn more about the pros and cons of buying a moped. 

How Much is a Moped? 

New mopeds can range in price from $800 to more than $13,000. The average price is around $2,500 to $5,000. However, the smaller the engine, the lower the price. If you want the best deal, you can get a slightly-used moped for under $1,000. 

moped parked

scooters at the park

Is a Moped Worth It?

Buying a moped is a great way to practice the 10/20 budget rule for paying off and keeping debt low. It is a great alternative to financing a car because most scooters or motorized bikes cost significantly less than a used car and receive much better gas mileage. 

moped gas mileage

So, whether you want to contribute more money to your 401k or save money to buy a house, opting for a motorized bike can help you reach your goal faster. 

Gas Mileage

In terms of gas mileage, a scooter or moped can save you a ton of money. By driving a moped for a year or two, you can save money to buy a more luxurious car in the future. 

No matter what size scooter engine you buy, the gas mileage will be nearly double or triple that of a car with good gas mileage with 50cc motors receiving 100 mpg or better. 125cc engines get around 89 mpg, and a 250cc moped receives approximately 60 mpg.


The larger your engine, the faster your top speed is on a scooter. Here is an example of the speeds you can expect on your moped. 

  • 50cc – 30 mph 
  • 125cc – 60 mph
  • 250cc – 75 mph 

The top speed you need to go will depend on where you live. If you live in the city, a 50cc moped may have plenty of power since you will likely spend most of your time in stop-and-go traffic. 

Speed / Traffic

If you live outside of the city or in an area with less traffic, you will likely want a larger engine capable of going higher speeds. Nevertheless, despite your capability to go highway or near freeway speeds on some mopeds, most state laws restrict mopeds to roads with speed limits above 35 mph. 

motor scooter in traffic

Moped riders have to follow the same rules of the road as other drivers. So, it is not a good idea to weave through traffic or cut off other cars. Otherwise, you may get a ticket.


You may think that you need to pay for your moped in cash. However, financing is available for many scooters. The payments are typically less than $50 per month, with some as low as $30, which is significantly less than the average car payment in the U.S. of $700 per month for a new car. You can set the payments up with a credit or debit card in most cases, and with an average to good credit score, you should be able to finance your scooter without a co-signor. 


One con to having a moped is that you will need another ride if there is heavy rain. You can ride a scooter in light rain. However, it makes your drive significantly less enjoyable, and it can be dangerous for inexperienced riders to drive on wet roads. Furthermore, you may need another ride during the winter when temperatures are lower, depending on where you live. 

moped rider

Riding a motorcycle or scooter in cold temperatures makes it seem even colder because of the wind and lack of an interior or heat. So, if you live in an area with extreme weather, you may want to consider a car. However, driving a moped on nice weather days can save you a lot of money. 


You likely will not have to have a special license to ride your moped. You can ride a moped in most states with a regular Class C driver’s license or any other license. A few states do not even require a license for mopeds with a 50cc motor or smaller. 

Final Advice on the Cost and Value of Buying a Moped

With so many advantages buying a moped is a good financial decision. It can help you save money to purchase a nicer car in the future, start a business, or buy a house. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly than most cars because they receive much better gas mileage, and gas and electric-powered scooters are available.