5 Examples of Short-Term Business Goals to Set Now

As a business owner, it is essential to set short-term business goals routinely. Setting clear goals for your company helps you to keep your business growing. 

Short-term business goals are:

  • Raising revenue
  • Increasing client retention and satisfaction
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Developing a new product or service
  • Streamlining business operations

Read this guide to learn more about these short-term business goals and how they can help you expand your business. 

short-term business goals

5 Examples of Short-Term Business Goals

It may be challenging for new or existing business owners to decide which business goals to set now. So, here are five examples. 

1. Raise Revenue and Decrease Debt

Most companies are in business to earn revenue. So, setting a goal to increase sales is beneficial.

You can increase revenue by supporting your sales team, offering discounts to new or repeat customers, and marketing your business to target audiences. 

With inflation high, it is also beneficial to work towards decreasing debt. You can do so by cutting back on unnecessary spending, shopping for less expensive vendors and materials, and evaluating your business for other areas where you can decrease expenditure or the time it takes to produce products or provide services. 

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Increasing customer retention and satisfaction helps to ensure that you have repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising, which is powerful and free. So, it is always a good idea for businesses to work towards increasing client satisfaction. 

You can achieve this goal by listening to your current customer base and giving them what they want or need. You can also train customer service employees to actively listen, promptly resolve concerns, and show gratitude to customers

3. Improve Employee Productivity

The more productive your employees are, the better your business will perform. So, working to help your employees be more effective is a great goal. 

Worker productivity is easily increased by offering training and education opportunities, communicating with your staff, and providing them with the support they need to do their jobs more efficiently. 

4. Develop and Launch a New Product or Service

If your sales have recently plateaued, setting a goal to develop a new product or service can be the perfect way to accelerate your business. 

To complete this goal, you must conduct market research to see what products or services will perform well. Then, you must develop a prototype and marketing plan for the new offering. 

5. Streamline Business Operations

Streamlining day-to-day operations can help you in every aspect of your business. You can streamline marketing by creating a sales funnel-driven website, using social media, and automating the client onboarding process. You can also develop self-service options that allow customers to add services through a client portal. 

What are Short-Term Business Goals?

Short-term business goals are those a company aims to achieve within a year or less. These targets should align with the long-term goals you set for your company and act as steps to reaching them. 

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All of your short-term business goals should be: 

  1. Measurable. 
  2. Have a specified timeframe for completion of less than a year. 
  3. Push you to grow but be attainable.
  4. Be clear. 

Why Should You Set Short-Term Business Goals?

You need to set short-term business goals because they help to keep your business on an upbeat track. However, they also provide many other benefits. 

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1. Promotes Accountability 

Setting goals helps to promote accountability in your office. When people have something to work toward, they are more likely to hold themselves and others to a higher standard. 

2. Gives Employees a Sense of Purpose

When you set goals and share them with your employees, you give them a greater sense of purpose than just earning a paycheck. Often having something more to work towards helps with employee productivity and satisfaction on the job. 

3. Increases Employee Retention

Low employee retention rates are a costly problem for some businesses. In addition to increasing pay, offering better benefits packages, and promoting from within, you can increase employee retention by setting clear goals and sharing them with your organization. When employees have a sense of purpose and are accomplishing things, they are happier in their position and more likely to stay with your organization for extended periods. 

Final Advice on Setting Short-Term Business Goals

Short-term business goals should be smaller steps that help you reach the most significant goals you have for your company. Each short-term target you set and meet helps motivate you and the rest of your organization to accomplish others. So, do not wait. Set short-term business goals now to start reaping the benefits.

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