100+ Cute (And Cheap!) Date Ideas So You’re Never Bored Again

Date nights are important to a healthy relationship. They allow you to reconnect with your significant other and blow off steam.

Some of the best cheap date nights include attending an adults-only night at the zoo, going on a wine or brewery tour, appreciating art at a museum, or creating your own masterpieces at home. 

For even more ideas, read through the list in this post of 100+ cute and affordable date nights you can enjoy with your partner. 

cheap date nights

What are the Cutest, Cheap Date Ideas? 

Going on a date does not have to break the bank. There are many things that you can do that are affordable and fun. So, whether you are living without a job, trying to move out of your parent’s house, saving to buy your own home, or paying off debts, these dates are a great idea. 

Food and Drink Dates

Everyone has to eat, and many people enjoy a drink from time to time. So, these food and drink-related dates are sure to be a hit. 

take a cooking class

  1. Cook a special dinner for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 
  2. Cook something together. 
  3. Go on a wine or brewery tour. 
  4. Go on an appetizers-only date. 
  5. Have a cooking competition. 
  6. Have a cupcake decorating contest. 
  7. Take a cooking class. 
  8. Try a food you have never eaten. 
  9. Attend a tasting menu service or restaurant opening. 
  10. Eat breakfast for dinner at a local diner. 
  11. Order a pizza and watch your favorite show. 
  12. Make craft cocktails together. 
  13. Do a blind taste test and try to guess what you are feeding each other. 
  14. Go o a pop-up restaurant. 
  15. Have a wine and cheese tasting at home. 
  16. Pick up sandwiches and eat them at the park. 
  17. Make personal pizzas. 
  18. Cook a dish from each of your cultures. 
  19. Attend a cultural festival with food and drinks from different places. 
  20. Go to a coffee shop.
  21.  Try recreating your favorite restaurant meals at home. 
  22. Have a cocktail contest. 

Travel Date Ideas

Trips often help you to make memories and feel closer to your significant other. Luckily, you do not have to spend thousands on a lavish vacation. Instead, try these affordable ideas. 

  1. Go on a staycation at your favorite hotel in town. 
  2. Go camping. 
  3. Visit a local farm. 
  4. Drive to the middle of nowhere and stargaze. 
  5. Stay at a cheap niche hotel, like a Teepee hotel
  6. Stay at a bed and breakfast. 
  7. Spend the night on the beach. 
  8. Go on a day trip to a nearby town. 
  9. Invite another couple to rent a vacation house with you. 
  10. Go on a ghost tour. 
  11. Visit a ghost town. 

Shopping Dates

Shopping is a chore for many people. However, you can turn it into a fun date night with these ideas. 

  1. Go grocery shopping together and pick five things you have never tried before. 
  2. Go shopping at your local farmer’s market. 
  3. Compete to see who can gather the items on your grocery list faster. 
  4. Visit a holiday market. 
  5. Shop at a craft show. 
  6. Go to a pop-up shop.
  7. Go Christmas shopping together. 

Relaxation Dates

Relaxing is at the top of most people’s lists when they aren’t working. So, what could be better than a relaxing date with someone you enjoy spending time around? Here are a few suggestions.

massage date

  1. Give each other massages. 
  2. Give your partner a massage.
  3. Do a face mask. 
  4. Take a bubble bath together with a bottle of wine. 
  5. Make natural beauty treatments together. 
  6. Go to the sauna at your gym. 
  7. Do each other’s hair, makeup, etc. 
  8. Listen to music and enjoy the sunset in your backyard. 
  9. Binge-watch a show. 
  10. Do yoga together.

Classic Cheap Date Ideas

These dates are classics, but many people forget about them. However, they are worth remembering. 

  1. Enjoy the latest new release at the movies. 
  2. Go rollerskating. 
  3. We are challenging each other in a bowling competition. 
  4. Go to a free concert. 
  5. Watch a play. 
  6. Go to dinner at your favorite cheap restaurant. 
  7. Go to a carnival. 

Learning Dates

With these ideas, you can always learn something new, even on a date. 

  1. Learn a new language together. 
  2. Do a DIY project you have never done.  
  3. Attend a class together. 
  4. Help each other with homework. 
  5. Quiz each other on popular topics. 
  6. Teach each other something new.
  7. Discuss philosophies.

Sight-Seeing Dates

Sight-seeing dates can be a lot of fun and a great way to experience everything your town offers. 

  1. Go on a historical tour. 
  2. Visit a local outdoor art installation. 
  3. Tour a whacky house. 
  4. Go on a holiday home tour. 
  5. Visit places in town you have always wanted to see. 
  6. Go to an observation deck. 
  7. Ride on a Ferris wheel. 
  8. Go to an art parade. 
  9. Visit a free museum. 
  10. Go for a drive along the beach. 

Active Dates

If you are a couple who enjoys doing physical activities, plenty of dates incorporate that. 

do a marathon together

  1. Go for a bike ride. 
  2. Do a pub crawl. 
  3. Enter a marathon together. 
  4. Do a mud run. 
  5. Go to a theme park. 
  6. Workout together. 
  7. Enter a costume contest.
  8. Go horseback riding. 
  9. Go fishing. 
  10. Do a scavenger hunt. 
  11. Enter a couples’ contest. 
  12. Ride ATVs.
  13. Enjoy a hike. 
  14. Watch sea turtles hatch. 
  15. View bats flying out of their cave. 
  16. Take a dance class.
  17. Attend a kickboxing class. 
  18. Go to a pilates class. 
  19. Enter a couples dance competition.

Dates You Can Feel Good About

If money is really tight, here are a few ideas for cheap dates that will leave you feeling great. 

  1. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. 
  2. Create a budget together. 
  3. Make a plan for an extravagant future date. 
  4. Stay in and donate the money you saved to a local charity. 
  5. Clean your house together. 
  6. Organize your closet. 
  7. Compete to see who can finish your household chores faster. 
  8. Plant a garden. 
  9. Spend time with people at a nursing home.
  10. Volunteer at a local youth center. 

volunteer on date night

Final Thoughts on Ideas for Cute, Cheap Date Nights

Financial problems are a top reason why couples call it quits. Date nights do not require you to break the bank. You need to use creativity and think outside the box to find the perfect cheap date. However, the above list is a great place to start.

For other ideas to help you save money so you can spoil yourselves more in the future, take a look at the other posts on this site.