Which Months Have 5 Weeks? Months You Will Receive 5 Paychecks (2022-2029)

Employees and independent contractors paid weekly typically receive four paychecks per month. However, during the four months per year that have five Fridays, weekly-paid employees receive 5 paychecks.

If you are wondering what months have 5 weeks, read this guide. It gives the months with 5 Fridays from 2022 to 2029. It also includes the three months per year that bi-weekly employees receive an extra paycheck and advice on how you can get ahead in months with 5 paychecks.

Why Do You Receive 5 Paychecks Some Months?

Employees paid on a weekly schedule receive a paycheck every Friday. So, during each of the four months that contain an additional Friday, weekly employees receive an extra check.

5 paychecks


Months with 5 Weeks (and Paychecks!) (2022-2029)

Getting an extra check every few months can help you get ahead if you use it wisely. Here are the months that you can expect to receive that boost.

Weekly: 5 Paychecks:

  • 2022 – April, July, September, December
  • 2023 – March, June, September, December
  • 2024 – March, May, August, November
  • 2025 – January, May, August, October
  • 2026 – January, May, July, October
  • 2027 – January, April, July, October, December
  • 2028 – March, June, September, December
  • 2029 – March, June, August, November

Bi-Weekly: 3 Paychecks

For bi-weekly employees, there are two months out of the year that you will receive an additional paycheck. However, the months you receive an extra payment depend on the date you received your first check.

Benefits of Weekly Paychecks

Weekly paychecks have some great benefits, and many employers are starting to realize how beneficial it is to pay employees weekly.

Less Time Between Checks

When employees receive a paycheck every week, they do not have to wait two weeks before getting paid again. That means if you did not have enough money to pay a particular bill, you could make the payment at the end of the following week instead of waiting nearly half a month.

Ability to Pay Bills as They Come In

Bi-weekly and semi-monthly employees often have to save a portion of their paychecks to pay their bills at the end of the month. Since they do not get paid as often, overspending one check can put them behind on bills for two weeks. With a paycheck every week, employees are better able to

Disadvantages of Weekly Paychecks

Each pay schedule has advantages and disadvantages.

Less Money Per Check

If you are a salaried employee, your annual pay remains the same no matter what schedule you receive checks on. However, receiving your check every week may make it harder to save money because you have less money per check. It may also make buying more significant purchases challenging for people who find it difficult to save.

5 Ways to Get Ahead in Months with 5 Paychecks

If you use your extra paychecks wisely, you can get ahead and avoid years of debt.

Paycheck budget

Start an Emergency Fund

Everyone should have some money set aside for emergencies. You should consider saving your additional paychecks if you do not have an emergency fund.

Make an Additional 401k Contribution

If you save less than the maximum you can contribute to your 401k, you should consider adding additional funds when receiving an extra check.

Pay Toward Mortgage Principal 

Making even one additional payment towards the principal on your mortgage loan per year can help you repay your loan sooner. Some lenders allow borrowers to set up auto-pay on a bi-weekly schedule. By paying bi-weekly, borrowers pay one extra payment each year.

Mortgage principal payment

You can do the same for months with 5 paychecks by applying the extra check towards the principal on your mortgage loan. When you make additional payments to pay down principal pay with a separate check, write ‘principal payment’ on the check’s memo line.

If you send a check without rotating that the payment is for principal, the mortgage company will apply it towards principal and interest. To receive the full benefit of making additional mortgage payments, you must ensure the money is applied directly towards the principal.

Pay Off Debt

Another excellent way to use your additional paycheck is to pay down high-interest loans or credit cards. Since you are likely paying 10 to 26 percent interest on credit cards, paying the balances down on these accounts is a good idea. It will save you a ton on interest, plus holding a lower balance on your cards will help your credit score.

Save for a Vacation

If you want to go on a vacation, your additional paychecks are a great way to save for that. If you keep your extra paychecks for the entire year, you should have a decent fund for a trip.

Make a Charitable Donation

If you are in a good position financially, you may want to use the extra pay you receive in 5-week months to make a charitable donation. Many charitable donations are tax-deductible, so if you could use a deduction to reduce your tax obligation, this is an excellent idea.

charitable donations

Paycheck FAQs

Now that you know when to expect an extra check read the answers to these frequently asked questions about paychecks to learn more.

What is ‘FICA’ on a Paycheck?

FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Medicare and Social Security are both included in FICA payments. The Medicare Tax is 1.45 percent, while the Social Security Tax rate is 6.2 percent for a total FICA deduction of 6.65 percent.

How Much of Your Paycheck Should You Save?

You should save 20 percent of your paycheck unless you have high-interest accounts with balances. If you are paying interest on credit cards or personal loans, you should pay down the balance on those accounts before you start saving to save yourself money over the long run. You can also use the 20/10 plan to deal with consumer debt and help budget your checks.

How Will You Take Advantage of Months with 5 Paychecks?

Anytime you receive unexpected pay, you have an opportunity to use the money to better your financial situation. Make sure that you use the money wisely to receive the maximum benefit from these additional paychecks.

Planning how to use these checks before receiving them is a good idea. That way, you are not tempted to make frivolous purchases. While it is great to spend on yourself sometimes, spending your money wisely now will help you have a better future.